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Once upon a time, we went in search of a marketing community that had everything a marketer or business owner could need: connections, knowledge, companies to partner with, opportunities for professional development. When we couldn’t find one that we liked, we decided to create our own.

Today, Kreativa is the top social network for marketers. It brings professionals from around the world together, allowing them to establish connections, share knowledge and receive practical advice. No clutter — just an open, social, interactive environment where you can grow professionally.

All marketers are welcome, whether you’re a designer, a small restaurant owner, a strategist at a creative agency, or the VP of Marketing at a multi-national corporation. Marketing knows no boundaries — neither does Kreativa.

Companies also have a home here, from the two-person web studio to the global advertising agency — from humble software startups to time-proven tools. Kreativa is a nexus for resources with which marketers can improve their brand-crafting abilities and forge professional relationships.

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Advice from peer marketers. Interviews
with leading experts. Open and honest discussions about a wide range of

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A network of marketers from around
the world. Follow others and be
followed back. Get practical advice
and share your own opinions.


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A database of the best marketing tools and companies in the world. Read authentic reviews and ratings from
peer marketers. Make smart choices
when using marketing software or connecting with a company.

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